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Turnkey approach for complete unburdening

Security and control rooms are complex spaces, with high operational requirements. Both technically and ergonomically must be fully aligned with the operators who make use of it; they must be optimally supported in their often demanding 24/7 shifts, in a way in which communication and concentration are not in conflict. This makes the design of such workplaces at least as complex. Technology, equipment, routes, furniture, color choices, lighting and sightlines are interrelated and affect the quality of the operational process. This requires a specialist who oversees the bigger whole, ensures that everything comes together and strengthens one another. This synergy comes with our turnkey approach. An approach where you are completely unburdened in the realization of a completely customized control room.

Your specialist in setting up control rooms

When choosing for our turnkey approach, you will experience how much time it will save you if we take care of transforming empty hulls or modernize existing spaces into fully equipped 24/7 rooms that meet all the operational requirements of our clients and guaranteeing a safe and healthy work situation. Our effective approach is aimed at unburdening you from tender to delivery; we bear full responsibility for planning, execution and realization of the project. For this we use innovative tools, such as the desk and TUNASSĀ® analysis. With this, all operational requirements are identified and immediately translated into the most optimal design choices.

Our consultants help you make the ideal design choices

What is the most ideal spatial layout (for example a from health and safety point of view responsible positioning of furniture, suitability for disabled persons, and presence of good walking and escape routes)? What about acoustics, lighting and climate control? How many LED monitors does each operator need at a minimum? What is the optimal viewing distance to a video wall? Which audiovisual resources should be present on the desks? What influence does the relation between the workplaces have on the design of the worktable? The answers to this are different for each work situation. With the help of our consultants, they can be answered at an early stage, so that quickly and structurally there can be worked towards a definitive design in which everything has been thought of. A design that also fully complies with the NEN standards and health and safety conditions.

Feasibility analysis 

In order to prevent unforeseen obstacles, it is advisable to have your investment checked by us in advance for feasibility, both in a functional and financial sense. Already in this feasibility phase we are at your service, by translating your operational ambitions into a functional program of requirements, with the help of our feasibility analysis. In addition to the required furniture, all other relevant items are included, such as ceilings, lighting, counters, system walls and floors. This analysis helps you to determine the ultimate scope and also provides an objective base for an investment proposal. 

Project management, open and transparent

Our long, international experience enables us to organize our turnkey projects very tightly, based on transparent project management. With a predetermined action plan, we create clarity towards all parties involved in planning, responsibilities and communication. Each project is supported by a professional project group and managed by a permanent project manager, who has an advisory and coordinating role throughout the process. With one contact point we guarantee short lines and an open, transparent coordination with our clients and third parties involved. Critical success factors are discussed in time and where necessary adjusted or resolved, of course within the framework of the agreed budget and timeframe.

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