Brand Controll Rooms

Transformation of existing control room

Stepwise transformation  

For the transmission system operator of the high-voltage grid in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany, we have completely transformed a control room into a contemporary furnished space. A contemporary control room that once again fully complies with all the applicable standards. Because this is a 24/7 operational room with complex structural elements, such as a 5-metre high ceiling, a structural floor with a raised section of three large arches, poor acoustics, it was decided to redesign the room using a step-by-step plan. 

Step 1. We presented our recommended furnishing with 3D impressions. This way, people immediately had an idea of the  future space.
Step 2. In connection with a structural level difference in the floor, implemented in 3 large arcs, the workplaces had to be specially developed. Because there were still doubts about the final arrangement of all the equipment at the workstations, it was decided, instead of a consultancy project, to produce and test a mock-up desk before all the other 11 workstations were produced. The strongly curved workstation has an open base with four secure electric lifting columns, whereby stability is provided by the compact technology cabinet and the continuous cable duct.
Step 3. In order to follow the exact contours of the arches, a supporting wall was measured and produced using templates. This will be placed tightly against the three arches of the floor. The wall is covered on both sides with acoustic felt. The playfulness of the colour changes makes the wall not only highly functional but also a real eye-catcher. Because the panels can be removed from the front, it is possible to conceal the excess cabling from the workstations.
Step 4. After approval of the mock-up desk and all the working drawings of the furniture, we started producing the 11 final workstations.
Step 5. The workstations are set up in a special room with us for a FAT test (Factory Acceptance Test). After approval by the customer, the workstations are partly dismantled and prepared for transport.
Step 6. Delivery and installation takes place in phases, as the room has to remain operational 24/7.
Step 7. Final delivery where all the furniture is handed over ready to operate and clean.