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Furnishing control room gas and oil company NAM

The “Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij” (NAM) now manages its business activities from a new, central control room: the Hoogzand Coordination & Dispatching Center (HCDC).  We have been asked for the engineering and production of the required custom furniture.

The NAM - an organization of Shell and ExxonMobil, which deals with the production of natural gas and oil - used to work from multiple control rooms: the Production Coordination Center (PCC) in Hoogzand and the Assen Control Dispatching Center (ACDC) in Assen.  Due to developments in the organization, it was desirable to combine these control rooms in one central location.  Albert Meijering, Team Lead PCC & Shift, Asset Groningen: “The space was designed by human factors consultancy firm ErgoS.  All dimensions of the required furniture had already been laid down in the design.  Brand Control Rooms proved to be most capable in producing this custom furniture for us at a competitive price, so the choice fell on them.”

24/7 workplaces

Because HCDC is an aggregation of several workplaces, cooperation with each other is intensified.  To be able to facilitate the operators in this, 6 optimally equipped workstations were required.  We have met this requirement with 6 Focus Desk II tables.  Albert: “The Focus Desk II fits well with us.  Given the shape of the table top, it was possible to link 2 control desks together.  We now have 3 large workplaces along 3 walls of the control room, with room for 2 operators per workplace.”

Customized 24/7 furniture    

In addition to the control desks, we supplied the other desired customization.  Albert: “There is a conference table in the room with two stainless steel legs, which look like gas pipes and one of these runs up through the tabletop.  A 75-inch presentation screen is attached to this.  An additional window is suggested by means of an acoustic panel in a wooden frame with full color print of the gas transfer station that is actually behind the wall.” Furthermore, the connected control desks are separated from each other by custom-made rolling tables and the workplace lighting is integrated  in decorative, floating elements mounted on the ceiling.  These elements have the same shape as the worksheets of the Focus Desks.  Albert: "For all this, Brand Control Rooms has made a proper design."

Monitor support systems    

In addition to the predefined dimensions, there were many health and safety related technical requirements to take into account.  Albert: “Normally, 24-inch monitors are sufficient. In this case height-adjustable 49-inch monitors had to be attached to our control desks. That is why the desks had to be equipped with special monitor brackets. ”Because the Focus Desk II offers more than enough room for this, this was no problem at all.  The monitor support systems of the desks are shielded by decorative, acoustic panels that - together with the other furniture - are produced in a unique color scheme that fits within the ErgoS design.

Because access to the control room is quite narrow, part of the furniture had to be assembled on site, in accordance with the strict requirements that apply in secure areas such as the HCDC.  The control room has been successfully delivered and put to use satisfactorily.  We and NAM look back on a fine collaboration.  Albert: “Brand Control Rooms met our wishes well.  We visited them in advance to discuss all the possibilities, and from there an excellent collaboration was created with back and forth pleasant contacts.

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