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Makro is a cash-and-carry wholesaler affiliated to the German METRO Group. The Wholesaler has its establishments managed by a new central control room for security tasks: the Makro Control Room (MCR).

We came into contact with Makro through VMB Security & Solutions, a firm with whom we have worked on the establishment of IBM’s control room.

Makro has visited our Experience Center in Deventer beforehand to get an impression of our company. During this visit, Makro representatives became acquainted with our turnkey approach. This approach completely unburdens our clients of the realization of the preferred control room, within the set timeframe and budget. As a result, the assignment has been entrusted to us.

The challenge we faced, during this project, was the limited space available. After a few structural alterations, the floor-to-ceiling space we have provided has a fresh and contemporary design. Also the (acoustic) walls and the paintwork were realized by our hand. Green LED lighting is integrated in the ceiling, which functions as a signal light and turns red in the event of a calamity. All the required equipment and alarm panels are embedded in the custom made cabinet walls and focus desk. The Seating and maintenance-free plants, we have provided, completed the furnishing of the control room.

We are proud to acknowledge that the contracting firm was very impressed with the results we have provided. Especially considering the fact that this party establishes surveillance rooms all around the world. 

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