Brand Controll Rooms

Special approach for medium care environments.

Besides the fact that our products and furniture meet all the requirements and standards that apply in control rooms, extra strict finish rules apply for companies in the food industry. Here, the hygiene rules are enforced at the highest level. Brand Control Rooms also offers suitable solutions for this branch.

For FrieslandCampina Kievit, a producer of spray-dried ingredients for the food industry, we recently fitted out the control room and some adjoining rooms. Because of the complexity of the work processes, the strict requirements and all the wishes, they chose to make use of our TUNASSĀ® consultancy. The analysis provides a method for quickly and structurally clarifying which operational requirements are important in the design of both the desks and the layout of the room. This Technology User Needs Assessment structures user participation and helps users to make joint design choices based on working methods and tasks rather than personal preferences. We look not only at the furniture but also at other important aspects such as lighting, climate control, acoustics, integration possibilities for audio-visual equipment, as well as escape and walking routes and viewing distances/lines of sight on monitors. Our visual designer selected the colours and materialisation for the design. With all this information, we roll out the project further and start the further elaboration, production and engineering of the interior. 

For us, this meant that the workstations for the control room (located in the high care area) had to be made largely of smooth antibacterial materials. The antibacterial effect is created by incorporating active antibacterial substances into the melamine resin during the production process of the board material. Being part of the material, they remain effective throughout the entire service life - even under constant high stress. The components become active on direct contact with the surface and prevent microorganisms from multiplying on it. The antibacterial component in the worktops does not replace cleaning, but it reduces the frequency of cleaning and the amount of disinfectant required. 

To prevent the accumulation of dirt, every opening in the furniture is sealed. This high care requirement also applies as an additional finish for the rafters in the building, which we have covered with metal cove boards, as well as for the supplied rubber floor, the industrial glass walls and the active climate ceiling.