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Ergonomic reception desk for International School of Amsterdam

From now on, all visitors to the International School of Amsterdam (ISA) will be received at a new reception desk that meets the highest standards when it comes to ergonomics and security. The desk was designed and developed by Brand Control Rooms based on an extensive ergonomic analysis. Rob Boos, operations manager at ISA: “Our collaboration with Brand Control Rooms couldn’t have been better.”

ISA is a special school for expats living in the Netherlands for a brief period. Around 1,400 pupils aged between 2 and 18 attend one of school’s three levels: crèche, kindergarten and middle school. Rob: “On graduation, the pupils receive their International Baccalaureate diploma. This diploma is the equivalent of A Levels (or a VWO diploma in the Netherlands), enabling the pupils to then go to university.”

Welcoming and secure

ISA decided to replace its reception desk at the end of last year. The old desk no longer met current ergonomic standards: the screens were too close to one another on the worktop, which ran the risk of causing back and neck problems for the employees manning the desk. Rob: “The people working at the desk mainly take care of reception activities, though they do also have a number of security-related tasks. That’s why we wanted to find a company with experience in designing and producing reception desks that combine hospitality with security. Brand Control Rooms was one of only a few companies able to develop a desk of this kind for us.”

Ergonomic analysis

With the new desk being subject to strict requirements regarding its ergonomic design, the company developed it based on an extensive ergonomic analysis: the Technology User Needs Assessment (TUNASS). Rob: “After completing the assessment, Brand Control Rooms prepared a report containing recommendations on ergonomic procedures to follow. Together with the functional list of demands, this report formed the basis for the new reception desk design. It was important that the new desk did not deviate much from the distinctive shape and appearance of the old desk, so that it fit seamlessly into the look and feel of the school as a whole – which was designed by architectural firm Alberts & Van Huut.” 

A pleasant working environment

After completing the ergonomic analysis, the new reception desk was built and delivered within the space of a week. Rob states that all colleagues at reception were very enthusiastic about the new desk. “Everybody has said that the new desk has improved the working environment. The main advantage over the previous desk is the electrically adjustable worktop, ensuring that all employees – whatever their height – can benefit from an ergonomic sitting position with the ideal lines of sight to the screens. Brand Control Rooms has assimilated and integrated all essential control panels neatly into the worktop.” 

Rob looks back on a pleasant collaborative project, with beneficial communication on both sides. “Brand Control Rooms was able to turn our functional list of requirements into a practical design in a highly creative, even surprising way – despite the limited space we had available for such a desk. I have to say that our partnership with the company was nothing less than optimal.”

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