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Customised interior company restaurant

We recently completed a new, multi-functional company restaurant for a storage and transhipment firm. Brand Control Rooms was asked to supply the whole design and construction of the new restaurant. This was a nice departure from our normal work which required a lot of customised interior construction work.

Highly pleased with the control room we supplied in 2012, which we carried out using our TUNASS® ergonomic analysis, the client approached us again for the complete renovation and re-design of its company restaurant. Although we don’t normally design company restaurants, the good rapport we had built up with the client was reconfirmed at the presentation of the future space.

Design company restaurant

The new company restaurant had to fulfil a number of key requirements. It had to be a multi-functional space that would accommodate both the office staff and the operational staff. We came up with a smart design in which part of the company restaurant would be furnished with a number of maintenance-friendly seats for the employees who work with dry bulk outside. The 116 seats are equipped with an indestructible and hygienic plastic table top that is easy to keep clean.

The company restaurant also offers space for the employees who need a quiet place for flex-work and for those holding meetings. For these employees, we designed a coffee corner in the back of the restaurant with five flex-work stations and three meeting areas. Thanks to the acoustic ceiling and the application of large acoustic photo panels, as much sound as possible is absorbed so that everyone can work in peace. The diverse range of colours used, the warm wooden decor and the implementation of maintenance-free planting give the restaurant a representable and stylish look. 

Project management

The project was divided into two phases so that the company restaurant wouldn’t have to close and the employees would experience as little inconvenience as possible. Both phases went smoothly and we once again achieved a great result, all within the allotted time frame of four weeks. The company restaurant was completed at the end of last year and recently celebrated its opening. To date, the responses have all been positive.

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