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Custom-made work stations for waste processing company Twence

Waste processing company Twence in Hengelo has commissioned two new ergonomic work stations. The desks, which are entirely custom-made, were designed, produced and installed by Brand Control Rooms. Elwin Janssen, team leader at Twence, is one of those using the new equipment: “The ergonomics and the general look of the whole work station have been vastly improved.”

Twence was founded in 1986 by fourteen municipalities in the Twente region. It has since grown to become a leading authority in the field of waste processing, with a keen focus on circularity. Elwin: “Using residues and biomass, we generate sustainable energy for regional companies that require considerable amounts for their operations as well as for thousands of households. We supply electricity to 164,000 homes and heating to 49,000. In doing so, we save 344,000 tonnes of CO2 per year due to the lower volume of fossil fuels used.”

Tailor-made work stations

Elwin is team leader in the weighbridge department at Twence, where incoming and outgoing trucks carrying residues are weighed. Elwin: “The adjoining weigh house was built in 1995. The equipment inside has been there since then, too, and needed replacing. So, the decision was taken to give it a complete update. The work stations and several cabinets in the weigh house had to be custom-designed and produced, as they are positioned against a slanted surface and feature a document tray in the facade that is used to pass documents from outside into the weigh house. Given that they had already created our control room, Brand Control Rooms were deemed the best choice for completing this custom assignment.

As project leader at Brand Control Rooms, Michel Feukkink was involved in bringing this tailor-made solution to life: “It was certainly a challenge, but we are not ones to turn down an assignment just because it's difficult. Prior to developing the desks, we produced some templates based on Twence's requests and requirements. Using these templates, we were able to precisely determine and develop the dimensions of the worktop and the milled elements for the document trays and control panels. In the final design, the two desks on each side - weighing upon arrival and departure - form a single unit; however, they can still be adjusted individually, thereby enabling all employees to benefit from the ergonomic properties of the equipment.”

Work station installation

When it came to installing the equipment, the weighbridge had to remain operational. As such, meticulous management of the process was required. Michel: “Employees spent one day working from the adjacent back-office. That was all the time we had to complete the installation of the new work stations. So, work began early in the morning. By the evening, everything was up and running - thanks to extremely efficient teamwork and excellent communication between all parties involved in the process, with whom we were able to ensure a smooth completion of the assignment.  I feel incredibly proud.”

At Twence, the work stations have also been a resounding success. Elwin: “The desks match beautifully to the rest of the office. The working space appears much calmer and has a pleasant atmosphere. The fact that the desks are adjustable means everyone now has a much more convenient work station with more leg room and a better angle for looking at their screens; plus, they are at the right distance for reaching the document trays.The communication with Brand Control Rooms in general, and in particular with Michel Feukkink, was also excellent. He was really on the same page as us in every aspect.”

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