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Hightech control room RRP

Due to stricter legal safety regulations, Rotterdam-Rijn Pijpleiding (RRP) was forced to locate its control room outside the site of the 11 above-ground tanks. The new regulations specify that control rooms must be located outside the so-called heat radiation contours. The reason for this is that in case of an emergency the control room at all times remain operational.

RRP transports oil between the port of Rotterdam and the Ruhr area in Germany. The location in Venlo serves as an intermediate station. Currently the control room  in Venlo is still located at the same site as the above ground storage tanks.

For the new location RRP was able to purchases some land opposite the current site. The construction of a completely new building is currently being finalised here. In addition to the control room the building will also house offices and meeting rooms.

Brand Control Rooms has supplied the custom-made furniture for the control room. A variant of our Focus desk model II was chosen, of which 3 are manufactured. Furthermore we produce and deliver among others a videowall frame, various customized cabinets and acoustic solutions. The colour and material advice of our visual designer will also be extended to all surrounding rooms.