Brand Controll Rooms

Central Control Room BP

The 24/7 Focus Desk uniquely integrated into the control room for BP

Due to modernisation and upgrading to the highest level of safety, oil company BP was forced to merge its various control rooms - each responsible for monitoring a different business process - into a newly designed central area situated in a safe environment. In consultation with the operators, it was decided to give this room a dune landscape theme. In a call for tenders, various bidders were presented with the challenge of creatively combining the control rooms into a single operational centre. An assignment that BP entrusted to Brand Control Rooms.

With the dune landscape theme for the new control room, BP wants to connect to the already existing head office in Europoort, which is partly hidden in a dune wall. It also emphasises BP's green ambitions. The theme was therefore an important requirement within the total report of preconditions that had to be met. As a leading producer of custom-made furniture, Brand Control Rooms has succeeded in incorporating the theme in the appearance and functional design of the furniture and acoustic materials which have been applied in the control room.

Five Focus Desks merged into one

We mainly looked at how we could group and join together the different work stations to one piece of furniture in such a way that they would create the suggestion of a dune landscape. The basis for this concept was laid with five of our Focus Desks models. The advantage of these desks is that we can give the furniture any desired shape. In order to reflect the dune landscape theme, we have given the worktops and technology cabinets a shape that allows the furniture to be arranged in a row in an undulating, organic form that one also finds in the dunes. This effect is reinforced by acoustic materials on which a dune landscape is depicted by means of high-quality printing. The integration of real, mummified and maintenance-free plants in the furniture also strengthens the image. The result is an efficiently designed workspace in which several pieces of furniture have been combined into a single unit that does justice to the theme and also promotes cooperation between the operators.