Brand Controll Rooms

Extra flexibility and installation freedom with our raised floor systems

The raised floor systems from Brand Control Rooms offers security and control rooms a high degree of flexibility and freedom of installation. The demountable system floors with removable tiles or panels make it possible to easily adapt the layout of your (24-hour) room, if due to changes in work situations. In addition, the floors ensure that cables and pipes can be safely shield and placed out of sight. Brand Control Rooms offers a wide range of floor systems with a large diversity in heights, materials, finishes and colors. In order to be able to make the right choices in this, we are happy to provide you with advice.

Functional and stylish computer floors

Brand Control Rooms places the raised floor, also called computer floor, on a steel construction with pedestals, which are glued or - if necessary - screwed on the constructive floor. Depending on the available height, the free space underneath the floor system offers space for, among other things, pipes, climate systems and electrical connections. Furthermore all cables can be arranged under the computer floor, while everything is still easily accessible for service and maintenance by the removable tiles, which make up the computer floor. In these tiles amongst others, sockets, vacuum systems or air vents can be built in. Our computer floors provide a lot of flexibility when positioning workplaces or other furniture, especially with necessary future modifications. Moreover, the technology of the workplaces, or for example a video wall, can be connected and installed much easier than via suspended ceilings. Do the building rules of your security or control room not allow an raised computer floor? We solve this by installing a very low computer floor.

Besides functional, the computer floors of Brand Control Rooms are also very stylish. The floor systems can be supplied in rubber, PVC and cork, but can also be fitted with anti-static and anti-allergic carpet tiles. For very intensive use or contaminated areas, we supply ceramic floors that are extremely durable and colourfast. The top layer of these tiles is very durable, has a clean look and is easy to clean. Resulting in a very representative floor, which is indestructible.

Noiseless and central vacuum system

Especially in 24/7 rooms it is important that operators can work concentrated, alert and undisturbed. Standard vacuuming cleaners disturbs this process. That is why we supply integrated, central vacuum systems, which we can install in both new and existing 24/7 spaces. Our flexible vacuum systems are characterized by a high level of ease of use and a quiet but large suction power, resulting in more comfort. The motor unit is built into a central location, so that there is no noise pollution. The plug and play contact points, in which the flexible hose with suction nozzle is clicked, can be mounted both in the wall and flat on the computer floor. A central vacuum system is a sustainable investment, with a lifespan of at least ten years. If required, certain systems can even be equipped with water or coarse dirt separators.

Precisely because our raised computer floors ensure that you can deal flexibly with the layout of the room, it is important to think carefully about which format best meets your operational requirements. This is where we can unburden you with our turnkey approach. With this you are assured of a fully equipped control room, in which everything is aligned harmoniously and contributes synergistically to the success of your operational processes.