Brand Controll Rooms

System walls and system ceilings, functional and attractive

System walls and ceilings are a necessary basis for a sleek design of security or control rooms, in which it is pleasant and comfortable to work. With customized system walls and ceilings, it is possible to provide a workspace quickly and flexibly with the desired layout, which contributes to an optimal focus and cooperation between your operators. Separate areas can also been created, if there is a need for sheltered rooms in the work situation, in which confidential conversations can be held. Brand Control Rooms supplies and installs temporary and permanent system walls and ceilings in all shapes and sizes, which are not only functional but also serve an aesthetic purpose and contribute to more atmosphere and comfort.

(Mobile) partition walls in all shapes and sizes

Our range of partition walls is very diverse and contains a large variety of acoustic walls, glass walls, fire-resistant walls and metal stud walls. Aluminum profiles or frames are supplied in various RAL colors. The walls can be assembled modularly in any environment and mounted without notable connecting elements. We can also provide your walls with acoustic materials. For example, with photo canvases, which can be printed with specific, business-related images. With this, the walls have a functional, decorative function and contribute to the desired atmosphere in your control room. 

In addition to our system walls, complete with doors and windows, we also supply intelligent privacy glazing, whose transparent appearance can be matted at the touch of a button. Ideal if you want to temporarily create a separate room for your concentration, without visual stimuli from the outside. We also supply low partition walls and mobile walls, which can be used to fence off different areas.  It is also possible to include customized cupboard walls, pantries and counters in the system walls. In short: modern, practical solutions of high quality for every workplace.

System ceilings with integration options

We can provide every room with different types of ceilings. We select the most ideal ceiling for your security or control room on the basis of an inventory of your requirements, taking a critical look at the structural possibilities. Our customized ceilings are available in metal (perforated or not) or in acoustic tiles. It is also possible to preserve the old architectural ceiling and provide this partially with floating ceiling elements that provide more atmosphere and better acoustics. With Brand Control Rooms you also have the possibility to flexibly integrate many functional advantages into your ceilings. From speakers, (emergency) lighting and atmospheric elements to acoustic measures, fire protection and advanced climate control. These customized solutions can optionally be equipped with innovative solutions such as human centric lighting (biodynamic light) and sound showers for targeted sound delivery and ventilation.

Climate ceilings for effective climate control

Good climate control, without noise and drafts, is necessary for every 24-hour space. That is why all the ceilings of Brand Control Rooms can be fitted with  a climate control system. For this we supply, among other things, custom-produced metal ceiling systems, unique air filter systems and indoor sunscreens. Our assortment also includes the latest generation of climate ceilings, which are able to heat and cool a space per zone. Because of this, every operator is able to climatise the space per work zone. The ceilings are available in several sizes and RAL colors and can be fitted with acoustic finishes.