Brand Controll Rooms

Adjustable monitor suspension systems for optimal viewing angles

Security and control rooms are filled with monitors, where operators gather almost all of their information. They and therefore constantly watching the monitors in a sitting or standing position behind the workplace. This makes an optimal viewing angle essential. Well-adjusted monitors prevent fatigue and therefore contribute to a higher concentration and better productivity. Therefore, they must be attached to adjustable suspension systems. Brand Control Rooms provides flexible monitor carrying and suspension systems, which can be adjusted fully automatically to the operator's most ergonomic position.

Tight alignment with monitor rails and suspension brackets

For mounting our systems, we use monitor rails and monitor mounting brackets, on which a series of (different) overview monitors can be installed. But a dual standard is also possible if only two monitors are required per desk. These systems are mounted at the correct height and distance to the user at the desk, taking into account the maximum adjustability of the suspension systems. Taking future developments into account, the systems are constructed modularly so that they are suitable for various sizes of monitors and can be easily extended or adapted as soon as the work situation changes or new monitors come onto the market.

 When attaching the monitors to the systems, we also pay attention to cable management; we ensure that all cables are hidden safely and neatly in cable ducts or flexible cable trays. The systems are equipped with an aesthetic design panel, to improve acoustics and to shield off the back of the monitor. Our flexible, exclusive and stable aluminum structures are extremely suitable for installing multiple desk monitors or video wall applications. These are delivered tailor-made with the right casing, so that all components fit together seamlessly.

Electrically adjustable monitors for extra ergonomics

The correct monitor height is different for each operator and also changes during the shifts, as active and passive sitting positions alternate. The height adjustment must therefore be done quickly and easily, without disturbing of the concentration on the work. Brand Control Rooms provides secure, continuously electrically adjustable suspension systems that can be adjusted in height independently of the worktop. The monitors can be adjusted from sitting to standing height at the touch of a button, so you are always assured of the correct viewing angles. Which is important, because a good height of the monitors encourages an ergonomic working posture and prevents neck and back complaints. In addition, the correct monitor height contributes to good visibility and intelligibility of the content on the screens.

Not only the suspension system is responsible for an ergonomic working posture and good visibility and intelligibility. The entire layout of the control room contributes to this. For example, it is important that suspension systems are combined flexibly with height-adjustable work surfaces and viewed from ergonomic 24/7 seats. All choices to be made must be aimed at improving productivity and an ergonomic work situation. With our turnkey approach we unburden you of this.