Brand Controll Rooms

The custom-made specialist for control rooms

Security and control rooms are no longer the hidden spaces that they used to be. For an increasing number of organizations, these rooms become the visible heart of the company, where customer relations and contractors are increasingly being received. The security or control room should therefore have a representative appearance, which gives visitors the confidence that they are dealing with a well-organized company. In addition, operators must be able to work in a concentrated manner, which makes a soothing atmosphere necessary. As the custome-made specialist and total designer for security and control rooms, Brand Control Rooms provides a space that seamlessly matches what you want to radiate as an organization, in which you can work with optimum focus.

In addition to our expertise in turnkey solutions, we specialize in interior construction, total renovations, finishing of columns and walls: everything needed to give the control room an effective and atmospheric appearance, tailored to the core business of the organization. As furniture makers of origin, we provide the right custom furniture to create this desired appearance. Our assortment includes a wide range of high-quality, maintenance-free, certified products, available in diverce of materials and colors. Think of locker cabinets, key storage, radiophone cabinets, printer cabinets, pantries and license issuing counters. But also partitioning walls, pre-walls and free-standing walls, with which equipment, electricity or a less attractive wall can be protected in a decorative way. The aim is to make it a contemporary, uncluttered space in which people can work pleasantly and well. We can do the same for directly adjacent spaces, such as meeting rooms and back offices, which we can give the same look and feel with the right design and furniture choices.

From analysis to manufacture

Our custom-made solutions are realised through an innovative and well-considered analysis process, in which all wishes and requirements are gathered using in-house developed methods. Like the Co-Creator©, a unique game in which the operational requirements are translated in a playful yet effective way into the right design choices. Only when the demand is completely clear, we’ll propose a design. The design is developed by our own designers with the latest 3D software, with which 360 ° designs can be made. This technique allows you to view the designed objects from all sides. From this CAD / CAM program the CNC machines of our automated machinery can be controlled directly. These ensure that every design is manufactured with the utmost precision by our furniture makers. This is how we get the best out of people and machines.

Are you also looking for custom-made solutions for your 24/7 room or for only a control desk? We are happy to translate your operational challenges into a non-binding offer. Feel free to contact our advisors to discuss the possibilities.