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Biodynamic lighting

In security and control rooms, operators often perform unnatural services for the human system, with multiple night shifts alternating with multiple day shifts. This can significantly disrupt the biorhythm. With the right lighting the internal clock can be influenced, so that shifts are performed more alert and operators can return easier to their normal biorhythm afterwards. This is the effect of our biodynamic lighting. A special and current lighting concept that ensures an optimally illuminated workspace, in which operators are supported as much as possible in their work.

Most ergonomic lighting

Our biorhythm is largely determined by the intensity of light. Biodynamic lighting, or human centric lighting, aims to optimize the working conditions of operators with lighting that contributes to an active and alert working posture, also during night shifts. Based on personalized pre-settings, the light intensity and color temperature are subtly adjusted to the most ideal values ​​during the shifts. These values ​​alternate in such a way that the course of natural daylight is imitated. This ensures that the night rhythm of operators is shifted so that they continue their night shift with the same alertness as during the day. At the end of their night shift operators can return home to their homes safely and awake and will regain their normal biorhythm a lot easier. This makes human centric lighting the most ergonomic lighting for call centres and control rooms, especially when there is little or no entry of natural daylight.

The unique thing about human centric lighting from Brand Control Rooms is that the various light fittings (whether or not equipped with direct and indirect lighting) can be controlled by means of an UTP cable connection. As a result, 230 volt installations are not required above the ceiling systems. We move the drivers of the light fittings to a technical room, so that control and maintenance can be carried out easily. The drivers are connected to the control system of the lighting and placed in a 19" rack, which also makes installation of the lighting much easier. External drivers also provide stable LED lighting. In the end you can count on a tested and successful biodynamic lighting system.

At the end of their night shift operators can return home to their homes safely and awake and will regain their normal biorhythm a lot easier.

Human centric lighting requires the right guidance

A good coaching process is an essential condition for making human centric lighting a success. This is why we at Brand Control Rooms are strongly committed to this approach. The right programming of human centric lighting is highly dependent on the division of the shifts. After all, a day shift goes through a considerably different pattern than a night shift. Before we implement biodynamic lighting in your control room, we conduct thorough research into the working conditions, the spatial layout, the people present in the room, the number of shifts and the length thereof. Based on this, we make light calculations and draw a lighting plan, in which the most ideal settings and luminaire combinations are determined for your control room. This support is provided by light specialists, who also ensure a good transfer, so that everyone is familiar with the concept. Interested in a demonstration? Then make an appointment for a visit to our biodynamic light studio.

Dynamic versus biodynamic light

Biodynamic light should certainly not be confused with dynamic mood light. Also dynamic lighting provides illumination, where color, intensity and color temperature can be adjusted. However, this is mainly about emotional experience and not about support for the biorhythm. The right mood light can make a workspace attractive and thus contribute to a pleasant and comfortable feeling for operators, which also benefits productivity.  Also for dynamic mood lighting you are at the right place at Brand Control Rooms. With durable LED luminaires in all shapes and sizes, whether or not incorporated in the furniture, we ensure the right atmosphere, which contributes to better work performances.

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