Brand Controll Rooms

Ergonomic lighting

In security and control rooms precisely adjusted lighting is essential. After all, lighting has an impact on the readability of the content on the monitors, but especially on the concentration and energy level of operators. Good work lighting can make a big difference in their focus and condition. The available lighting must therefore be ergonomically adjusted to the most ideal color and strength for the operators. Our light management systems for ergonomic and biodynamic lighting make this possible. We are more than happy to advise you about the possibilities.

With ergonomic lighting we mean lighting which provides optimal working conditions. To achieve a good balance in lighting, daylighting is an important aspect to take into account. Just like the height, the uniformity and the reflection values of the existing ceiling. These influencable factors are always included in our advice and well-founded light calculations, which we convert into smart practical solutions. This with the help of modern LED luminaires, which are almost all equipped with individual, wireless, switchable, direct and indirect lighting. In particular, indirect lighting contributes to better ergonomics. This even form of illumination distributes itself evenly over the space, preventing obscuring shades and nuisance reflections. This contributes to a soothing space and improves the view on the monitors and any available video walls.

Brand Control Rooms allows this lighting to be adjusted by the operators themselves to the  for them most ideal settings, wireless and from their own workplace. Even with the help of a finger scan, with which the entire workspace can be personalized. So not only the lighting, but also the brightness of the monitors and the height of the tables. All this by just placing your finger on the scan. With luminaires of all shapes and sizes, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Consider, for example, recessed ceiling luminaires, free-hanging luminaries and luminaires that are directly connected to the workstations. Naturally, all luminaires are equipped with the latest, most durable LED technology, in combination with innovative wireless controls.

Visual applications of ergonomic lighting

Lighting must not be only practical but also atmospherically. The right atmosphere is created using decorative lighting in an accent color to be determined by you, which we can incorporate in the furniture of the control room. For example, it is possible to incorporate an LED strip in a printer cabinet or video wall enclosure. The insides of archive, clothing or key cabinets can also be fitted with LED lighting, which switches on in the desired color as soon as the cabinet is opened. We also offer high-tech solutions for integrating signal lighting in our control desks. With luminaires of all shapes and sizes, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Biodynamic light

Operators in security and control rooms often do unnatural work for the human system, with multiple night shifts alternating with multiple day shifts. Because light has a very large influence on our internal clock, which regulates our day and night rhythm, a planned lighting advice can help to manage these important physiological effects as much as possible. This happens with the help of biodynamic lighting, which is ideal for 24/7 spaces with little or no natural daylighting. The primary goal is to subtly shift the night rhythm, allowing operators to complete their shift in optimal condition and minimize chances of chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances and depression. We provide you with appropriate advice, substantiated with light calculations, on which the innovative software control has been adapted.

Mood ceilings                                                                         

Do you have a dull ceiling or little to no daylight in your room? Simulate a realistic view of the outside air through an atmospheric ceiling that is made up of several illuminated and high-quality photo panels. We simply place these panels in a standard system ceiling. An atmospheric ceiling adds with its natural image and sunlight imitating LED lighting exactly that which often lacks: peace, space and nature. This ensures that operators feel more comfortable, especially in rooms without daylighting.

Indoor blinds

In areas where there is an excess of daylighting, our indoor blinds are the solution. Sunlight influences the climate and visibility in 24/7 spaces, which means that too much of it has to be reduced. In order to be able to arrange this properly, outdoor sun blinds are no longer necessary. For optimum light and heat protection, we supply suitable indoor blinds, which provide a pleasant working environment both in summer and in winter. The system blocks the sunlight, but still ensures transparent and good visibility to the outside. With indoor blinds it is also possible to reduce energy costs and improve acoustics. The cassette systems are multifunctional and electrically wireless or manually operable.