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The right acoustics for optimal focus

In security and control rooms the workload is relatively high. The work carried out is generally of crucial importance and therefore has to be carried out in a concentrated manner and with the right focus. That is why it is essential that operators work in a quiet environment. Without noise pollution and with good speech intelligibility. Or: a room with good acoustics. Brand Control Rooms is an expert in analysing current room acoustics, on the basis of which we recommend certified and substantiated customized solutions that improve acoustics and bring them to the required level. 

The noise level in a room is determined by the sound sources present, but is also highly dependent on material choices for, for example, the floor, furniture, walls and the ceiling. In security and control rooms, hard materials are often chosen for practical reasons, which do not block the ambient noise but contribute to poor acoustics. This leads to annoyingly high noise levels and resonance. At Brand Control Rooms we inform and advise you on the many sound-absorbing options, which are not only very effective, but can also have a decorative function. In addition to standard solutions, we offer custom-made solutions, varying from acoustic panels on the desk to room dividers, stretch walls, with or without full color print, micro-perforated transparent panels, acoustic ceilings and more.

Acoustic partition walls for better concentration

Certainly in control rooms of large size, where many hard materials are included and where several people work, sounds will reverberate for a long time, which does not benefit concentration and speech intelligibility. This problem can be approached by providing the space with upholstered room dividers, sound-insulating panels, dividing walls and other acoustic partition walls. These elements have a sound-damping function; they help to reduce reverberation and hollow sounds and provide a quieter workplace. Partitions are available in all shapes and sizes. They can be mounted behind and around control desks, but they can also be supplied as movable walls, which can be used to fence off different areas in the workspace. Acoustic partition walls are not only sound-absorbing, but also provide extra privacy, which also contributes to a better concentration.

How do sound-absorbing panels work?

Our acoustic partition walls and panels are made up of professional and certified sound-absorbing materials, such as wool felt, PET felt or acoustic foam types. The extent to which sound is absorbed depends on the absorption values of the sound-absorbing panels: the more open and thicker materials are, the more sound can be absorbed and acoustics will be improved. We can give you appropriate advice, in which a proper balance is made between the offered acoustic solutions, depending on the size of the room, the materialisation and the operational work processes that are carried out in the concerned space.

Acoustic wall panels, sound-damping and design combined

Although not all acoustic panels are equally visible, such as ceiling panels, some are real eye-cathers. Like our stretch walls, which fence off a large surface. They play a prominent role in the control room. In addition to a sound-absorbing function, these acoustic walls also have a decorative function because they can be covered with various quality types of fabric in different colors. By providing such wall panels with, for example, a photo print, they become part of the interior and it is concealed that they have in fact a completely different function. 

In addition to the products mentioned above, we offer many other sound-absorbing solutions. But ultimately, room acoustics also depend on how the space is arranged. The workplaces, and all the furniture they contain, must be located in strategic places in relation to each other, so that optimal cooperation is possible, in which everyone can understand each other well. Our turnkey approach ensures this.

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