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Dynamic sitting on the Brand ON24h chair

To prevent neck and back problems, it is important that the chairs of 24/7 workplaces are not only comfortable, but also encourage a good, healthy and dynamic working posture. Requirements that are amply met by the BrandON24h chair. This innovative design chair, exclusively marketed by us, is developed for intensive 24-hour use. The chair is user-friendly and is distinguished in particular by its unique swing mechanism, which ensures optimal support of the body.

Ergonomic working with optimal support

The Brand ON 24h chair has a unique design that guarantees a work situation that is as ergonomic as possible. The chair is equipped with a backrest built from Fiberflex material, which follows all natural lines of the body and provides extra support in the lower back. However, most support is obtained by the unique swing mechanism, which makes it an extremely dynamic chair. With this application, the 24-hour chair is able to follow all forward and backward movements as well as all lateral movements of the body. As a result, the body is invited to keep moving, so that back complaints are prevented. In addition, the back, neck and pelvis receive the best possible support for all occurring movements behind the desk. The back pressure of the swing mechanism can easily be adjusted with the help of the turning wheel at the bottom left of the seat. With the button next to it you lock the swing mechanism.

The Brand ON 24h chair has been developed to adapt to you and not the other way around. 

A feature that distinguishes this chair from most other chairs is that the Brand ON24h chair can be easily and intuitively adjusted to the most ideal positions for the user. To this end, the design contains a minimum number of levers and buttons, so that the use of the chair requires little explanation. It has been developed to adapt to you and not the other way around. For example, the front of the seat is bendable and can be adjusted in depth to the best support for your upper legs, simply by stretching or flexing the front part. The backrest with headrest can, from sitting position, be moved to the desired height. These functionalities ensure that the chair can be adjusted quickly and intuitively during shift changes.

24-hour chair for intensive use

Also the extra solid construction and the solid design make the Brand ON24h chair more than suitable as a functional 24/7 chair. The robust base is produced from cast aluminum. It is equipped with a wide, polished aluminum cross-feed with braked wheels, suitable for  hard or soft floor coverings. The armrest supports are also made of die-cast aluminum. The 3D armrests themselves are made of a durable plastic. The complete, sturdy chassis, in combination with the weighted swing mechanism, makes the chair suitable for every posture and resistant to continuous use. The design is not only functional but also elegant; the chair is upholstered with a high-quality and very strong Camira 24/7 fabric. This exclusive fabric feels very comfortable, is ventilating, extremely durable and easy to clean. Moreover, the fabric is available in no less than 13 different colors. The chair is also available in high-quality leather, with a choice of multiple colors. The Brand ON24h chair is also available as an ergonomic office chair, the ON, so that you can also match the appearance of your back offices and meeting rooms to those of your control room.

The Brand ON24h chair is ultimately part of all other furniture and techniques, which together form the most ergonomic workplace. A working environment in which everything comes together and is harmoniously adjusted to each other. In order to obtain this harmony, we advise you to use our turnkey service, in which you are completely unburdened in the overall design of your control room. Fast and cost-saving.

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