Brand Controll Rooms

24-hour chairs for ergonomic support

The work in security and control rooms is largely done while seated. This work takes place 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which means that the chairs are used much more intensively than average office chairs. Which makes it necessary for every workplace to be equipped with a proper 24-hour chair, the design and material of which are designed for the higher load. Because intensive sitting should not be at the expense of the health of your operators, the chairs must also be ergonomically sound and encourage a proper sitting posture. So there is a lot to take into account when choosing the most suitable product. As a specialist in 24/7 furniture we would be happy to advise you.

Brand Control Rooms is the supplier of a wide range of high-quality 24-hour chairs. Produced from durable, low-maintenance materials. Our chairs have a very long lifespan in which you are assured of reliability and quality. Design and material ensure that our user-friendly 24-hour chairs continue to provide the most optimal and comfortable support for every posture. The robust mechanism and the extra wide cross-foot base guarantee a solid and stable construction, suitable for continuous 24-hour use. The chairs are covered with wear-resistant and dirt-repellent upholstery, which is available in many colors and designs and also retains its shape much longer. This means that our 24-hour chairs are robust and meet the requirements of your work situation.

Importance of an ergonomic chair

At least as important as firmness is the comfort and ergonomic support of a 24/7 chair. Operators sit behind their desk for extended periods, which is physically demanding. This is why it is of the utmost importance that they adopt a good sitting posture. Our 24/7 chairs offer the perfect seating solution. They have an ergonomically shaped backrest, which promotes an active working posture and stimulates physical activity. With the help of user-friendly operation, the supports and handrails can be quickly adjusted to the most ideal positions for the user, which  optimally supports the back, neck and pelvis. The right chair setting not only promotes health, but also productivity. Of course, we also supply ergonomic office chairs for traditional use, which we can match to the chosen 24/7 chairs. In this way, control room, back offices and meeting rooms are the same in appearance and uniformity is maintained.

Dynamic sitting on the Brand ON24h chair

A good example of a chair in which strength, design, ergonomics and intuitive handling go hand in hand is the Brand ON24h chair which we have placed on the market: an innovative designer chair designed for intensive 24-hour use. The chair excels in appearance and user-friendliness, but is distinguished mainly by the unique three-dimensional synchronous swing mechanism. This ensures that the chair not only follows all the forward and backward movements, but also all lateral movements. This way, users experience the best possible support for all occurring movements behind the desk. The chair has a minimalist and virtually knob- and lever less adjustment mechanism, which allows the chair to be adjusted quickly and easily. This is especially important during the many shift changes, which are common in a 24/7 control room.


24-hour chairs are part of a larger whole. Their features and properties are only really reflected when they are aligned with the other furniture in your control room. It is therefore advisable to leave the entire furnishing of your control room to one experienced party, who ensures that all individual pieces of furniture are coordinated with each other to result an efficient workplace. Our turnkey approach provides you with this.