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Infinity Desk, control desk with extra technical space for equipment

The Infinity Desk is fully equipped with all the necessary conveniences. Although the desk takes up a relatively limited amount of space, the smart design offers endless possibilities. For your operators, as well as for the installation and placement of technical equipment. 

Application of the control desk    

The required equipment, such as large PCs, are often housed in separate technical spaces outside the control room. That way, all service and maintenance work can be carried out from a central location without any disruption to the operational processes. In addition to eliminating the noise of rotating fans, it also greatly limits heat generation by the equipment in the control room. 

The Infinity Desk was developed for all 24/7 spaces without access to separate technical spaces. All equipment can be placed or built into the 2 spacious, naturally ventilated technical cabinets on either side of the desk. The technical cabinets feature integrated 19-inch racks that offer sufficient space for 8 PCs, for example. In addition, we offer a wide range of expansion options, including internal lighting and extra electrical connections. All equipment is accessible for service and maintenance via the lockable doors at the front and rear. The fact that the technical cabinets are positioned - to the greatest extent possible - on the outside of the desk, means that there is also sufficient legroom for the operators.

The Infinity Desk was developed for all 24/7 spaces without access to separate technical spaces.

Ergonomics of the control desk

The Infinity Desk is suitable for use with all monitor sizes. The number of required screens determines the dimensions of the worktop. The monitor support system, suitable for various monitor sizes, provides space for a maximum of 2 rows of 5 five 24-inch screens (standard) or 2 rows of 2 55-inch screens. The split-level model of the desk makes it possible to electrically adjust the height of the screens separately, from sitting to standing height, from the work surface. By placing the monitor support system partially below the worktop level, users are always assured of the most optimal viewing lines, regardless of their posture. The depth of the worktop can also be made adjustable upon request. 

Cable management of the control desk    

The technical cabinets also play an important role in the management of the desk cables. The cabling of the worktop and the monitor support system runs safely and orderly into the technology cabinets via cable ducts and flexible cable tracks. Data and electricity cables can be fed in from the floor and connected through recesses in the bottom of the technical cabinets.

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