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Focus Desk model III, the tailor-made control desk for large control rooms

We developed the Focus Desk model III for the largest control rooms. This desk is the biggest in a series of three types and offers a wide range of application options. We determine the most suitable design and composition for your specific business situation in consultation with you.

The Focus Desk III is a special, completely customised control desk. Available in many colours and sizes. The structure and composition of the control desk enables us to match the highly company-specific operational processes of the large control rooms we often encounter in major organisations in the oil and gas industry. The many extra options make the Focus Desk III our most complete control desk, which can also accommodate a single or double row of monitor screens.

Customised control desk 

The control desk features an elongated worktop in all required lengths - starting at 4 metres - as well as in straight or curved shapes. In addition, this special desk design can also be expanded with many extra accessories, including additional technology cabinets, cabinets for ESD or MOS control panels and, for example, integrated button panels and touch screens in the worktop. In consultation with you, we will determine the most ideal structure and composition for your business situation based on our TUNASSĀ® workplace analyses and the subsequent recommendations of our consultants.

Functional and stylish control desk    

The ergonomic features of the Focus Desk III are similar to the functionalities of the other two models in the series. The desk is designed as a split-level model, meaning that the heights of the monitors and worktop can be adjusted separately and you will always be assured of the correct viewing angles. 

The many extra options make the Focus Desk III our most complete control desk

The cabinets are naturally ventilated and equipped with 19-inch racks that provide sufficient space for various types of equipment. The cable management is also optimally arranged with integrated cable ducts and cable tracks, so all the cabling inside the technical cabinets are out of sight, regardless of the number of extra equipment. Data and electricity cables can be fed in from the floor and connected through recesses in the bottom of the cabinets. 

Finally, the Focus Desk III is not only highly functional, but also offers a fine decorative appearance. The acoustic panel, work surface, monitor support system and powder-coated base are available in different colours and sizes, so the desk can be customised to match your personal preferences, workplace environment and corporate culture.

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