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Focus Desk model II, the control desk for complex process control.

The Focus Desk model II offers the same features and options as the Focus Desk model I, but is a larger variant and suitable for work situations where multiple screens are required. An ideal control desk to support complex process control, which can be fully adjusted to your personal preferences and workplace environment in terms of shapes and colours. 

Control desk for the petrochemical, food and process industries   

The size of the Focus Desk II starts at 3 metres and can go up to a maximum of 4 metres. The number of required screens determines the dimensions of the worktop and therefore also of the desk itself. The monitor support system, suitable for various monitor dimensions, provides space for a maximum of 2 rows of 7 24-inch screens. 

This makes the workplace highly suitable for situations in which various crucial (production) processes need to be monitored and controlled via many different sources, as is customary in the petrochemical, process and food industries. Because the high-care areas in the food industry also impose a wide range of hygienic requirements on the 24/7 furniture, the worktop of the Focus Desk II can be finished with an antibacterial top layer that is suitable for use with an optical mouse. 

The technical cabinets for the desk are made of solid scratch-free plastic with smooth surfaces. All cracks and holes in the different components are completely sealed off. The cable tracks drag chains and ducts are completely sealed off to prevent dust accumulation; which makes it easy to keep the control desks clean. 

The rear of the control desk is fitted with a V-shape support system, which makes it possible to adjust the screens at the front of the desk in a cockpit layout with a sharper curve. This gives your operators excellent panoramic views of all displays regardless of the sometimes high number of displays. 

Ergonomics control desk 

We've thought of everything in terms of ergonomics. The design, which is all about ergonomic ease of use, is suitable for every possible posture, as well as for the disabled. All these features combined offer you the most efficient workplace possible for focused, safe and healthy work. The Focus Desk II is a split-level model that makes it possible to electrically adjust the worktop and monitors separately from sitting to standing height. That way, you're always assured of the right viewing angles. 

It's also possible to connect a personal video wall to the rear of the control desk, the electrical height adjustment of which can be controlled from the workplace. This space-saving solution offers space for a maximum of 2x2 55-inch large-screen displays or 1 80-inch large-screen display. 


All these features combined offer you the most efficient workplace possible for focused, safe and healthy work.

Control desk with optimal cable management   

All cabling runs neatly into the technical cabinet via an integrated cable duct under the worktop, and the flexible cable tracks that roll up and down safely in the side panels of the undercarriage of the desk. Data and electricity cables can be fed in from the floor and connected through recesses in the bottom of the technical cabinets. The cabinets are naturally ventilated and equipped with 19-inch racks that provide sufficient space for various types of equipment. Although it is possible to conceal the equipment and cables safely and out of sight, everything is easily accessible for service and maintenance purposes.

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