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Focus Desk model I, the space-saving control desk for every sector

The Focus Desk model I, which was developed exclusively by Brand Control Rooms is an innovative, high-quality control desk with a design that's all about ergonomic ease of use, suitable for all postures, as well as for people with reduced mobility. Together, these features offer the most efficient workplace for working in a focused, safe and healthy way. 

Control desk for, among other things, security, remote control and dealing rooms

The dimensions of the worktop start at 2 metres and extend to 2.80 metres. This makes the Focus Desk model I the smallest model in the series and, more specifically, an ideal solution for relatively smaller workplaces, where the available space must be used efficiently. This includes security areas, remote control areas, call centres, dealing rooms and process industries, where operators only need a limited number of screens. The fact that the worktop can be finished with an antibacterial top layer means that the desk is also suitable for use in, for example, medium-care areas in the food industry. 

Applications of the control desk    

The Focus Desk I is suitable for use with all monitor sizes. The number of required screens determines the dimensions of the worktop and therefore also of the desk itself. The monitor support system, suitable for various monitor sizes, offers space for a maximum of 2 two rows of 5 24-inch screens (standard) or 1 row of max. 2 55-inch screens. The split-level model of the desk makes it possible to electrically adjust the height of the screens separately, from sitting to standing height, from the worktop. The depth of the worktop can also be made adjustable on request. 

In addition to its practical merits, the tasteful design will also match your personal preferences and workplace environment. The desk is available in many colours and sizes. In addition, the worktop can be adjusted, both in shape and dimensions, to create a single unit where several desks are placed together. You also have a choice of straight worktops and curved worktops based on the shape of the workspace. 

The sleek finish of the back of the desk makes it possible to place 2 two Focus Desks in mirrored positions opposite each other to offer an excellent space-saving solution. It's also possible to connect a personal video wall to the back of the desk, the electrical height adjustment system of which can be controlled from the workplace. This space-saving solution has sufficient space for a maximum of 2x2 55-inch large-screen displays or 1 80-inch large-screen display. 

The screens on the desk are shielded off with an acoustic panel at the rear that not only has a decorative function, but also contributes to enhanced speech intelligibility. This is optional for the large-screen displays of the personal video wall.

The split-level model of the desk makes it possible to electrically adjust the height of the screens separately, from sitting to standing height, from the worktop. 

Control desk with optimal cable management    

The design also contributes to optimal cable management, thanks to the integrated cable duct under the worktop, which conceals all 230V sockets and cabling, and to the flexible cable trags that secure and unroll in the side panels of the frame. From there, the cabling runs inside the naturally ventilated technical cabinet, which are fitted with 19-inch racks that offer adequate space for various types of equipment. Data and electricity cables can be fed in from the floor and connected through recesses in the bottom of the cabinet. Although it is possible to conceal the equipment and cables safely and out of sight, everything is easily accessible for service and maintenance purposes.

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