Brand Controll Rooms

Connect Desk model I

The Connect desk is a multifunctional 24/7 workplace with an eye for detail, ease of use and ergonomics. Despite its minimalist and space-saving design, the desk offers many integration options. The many features combine to create the most efficient workstation, where one can work in a concentrated, safe and healthy manner. 


The Connect Desk is a split-level model in which the worktop and monitor support system can be adjusted in height independently of each other. It offers the user the possibility to place the monitor support system under the work surface according to their posture and personal preferences. This creates the best possible viewing angles on the LCD monitors and any large-screen monitors (video wall) in the room. The solution for ergonomically sound working, especially for changing users and for the (future) use of two rows of monitors.  

The Connect Desk is especially designed for smaller calamities and control rooms. 


The desk is available in sizes 1400, 1900 or 2400x 1000mm (WxD). The worktop has a depth of 670mm. The technical cabinet has an external depth of 350mm and a height of 515mm. A maximum of 4 24" LCD monitors can be placed next to each other in one row. Of course, other configurations within the 2400mm dimensions are also possible. In the future, the system can easily be expanded with a second row of LCD monitors.  

The desk is constructed from sustainable materials, such as a powder-coated steel frame, a solid core HPL worktop (antistatic ans heat-resistant) and powder-coated anodised aluminium monitor support system. The base is available in 3 RAL colours, the worktop and technology cabinet in a choice of wood and solid colours.

The maintenance-free electric lifting columns are equipped with collision protection and have an adjustment range of 650 to 1300mm (sit/stand). The intuitive digital control panel is mounted under the worktop. Control novelties: 4 memory functions, memory support functions (ergonomic working), Bluetooth® wireless technology and a digital LED display.

The technical cabinet is mounted on the crossbars of the underframe and thus contributes to the stability of the underframe. This allows the desk to stand alone, without the need for anchors. Various smart and safe cable facilities have been integrated in the desk. Cables can run directly from the (raised) floor into the technology cabinet. Furthermore, 19" racks have been included in the technology cabinet, accessible via doors.

The monitor support system is mounted on a powder-coated steel cable unit, with removable lid, which runs the full length of the desk. The stands with monitor arms can be placed at any desired position on the cable unit. The arms each have a maximum load capacity of 20 kg and are infinitely adjustable in depth and height. This allows the LCD monitors to be aligned tightly and ergonomically in a straight line or in an arc. The VESA mounts (75x75 and 100x100mm) allow monitors to be positioned in either portrait or landscape mode. The quick-release mounting of the VESA plate makes it possible to swap monitors easily and quickly for service or in case of a defect.

The desk is equipped as standard with earthing facilities on the steel base frame and the steel cable duct of the monitor support system. These facilities make it easy for your installer to ground the furniture. 


We can supply the desk with various electrical solutions, such as CE-approved plug sockets with WCD connections or a flip-top with a flip-top lid and WCD and USB connections integrated into the worktop. Furthermore, the desk can be equipped with the latest generation of workplace lighting and an acoustic PET panel that also covers the rear of the monitors.