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Compact Desk, the multi-purpose workplace for small spaces

Because of its size, the Compact Desk can be used anywhere. Although the desk takes up little space, it meets the NEN and ARBO standards that apply to it. Another big advantage is that there are infinite possibilities for integration of audiovisual equipment. 

Diversity of the desk

The Compact Desk has been developed as a modular desk that is multifunctional and quickly available at a competitive price. Not only intended as an entry-level model for 24/7 spaces, but also as an ergonomic workstation for back office spaces. 

The desk is suitable for all monitor sizes. The dimensions and the number of monitors required determines the size of the worktop. The desk length is therefore available from 1400 to 2400mm. The worktops can be made straight or slightly curved on the user's side. Because of the straight back, the furniture also offers the possibility of 2 set-ups mirrored with the backs against each other. By placing a design panel between them as a decorative acoustic demarcation, the users still retain their privacy. 

The multi-purpose workplace for small spaces


Slim and small design! The quick electric sit/stand adjustment makes the desk suitable for any posture. The adjustment is standard equipped with crash protection. Despite a total depth of only 1000mm, there is enough legroom left. 


The monitor support system, suitable for various monitor sizes, accommodates up to 2 rows of 4 24-inch monitors (up to 8 monitors in total). The system has a fixed height. The strong monitor arms are adjustable in height as well as in depth. The ventilated technology cabinet offers space to place or build in equipment. Integrated 19-inch racks and cable trays are available. In addition, there is a choice of many expansion options, such as internal lighting and extra electrical connections. All equipment is accessible for service and maintenance via the removable panels at the front. Cabling runs from both the worktop and the monitor support system, via cable ducts and flexible cable tracks safely and orderly into the technology cabinet. Data and electrical cables can also be supplied from the floor and connected via recesses at the bottom of the technology cabinet.