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In security and control rooms, company-specific processes and critical situations are managed. This requires a lot of operators on duty. An optimally equipped workplace helps performing their tasks. The layout, the way in which information is presented, the viewing distances to that information, the reaching distances to the required equipment: everything has to contribute to working with optimum focus. In other words: a security or control room must be designed ergonomically and functionally, with furniture that puts the user at the center. We have made this our specialty.

24-hour furniture, representative, safe and effective

For 24/7 workplaces only the highest quality standard is sufficient. The furniture must be ergonomic and also withstand a very high psychical load. In a workplace with 24-hour occupancy, seven days a week, the load of the furniture is more than six times larger than that of furniture in a standard office. This load places high demands on the material, design and production. At Brand Control Rooms we produce custom made ergonomic, maintenance-free furniture for 24-hour use. Furniture that remains representative, safe and effective for at least fifteen years. With the highest ease of use and according to the latest health and safety and NEN standards.

Our desks are of course safely electrically adjustable in height from sitting to standing position for an ergonomic working height. They also offer sufficient legroom and provide for the right distance to the monitors. The design of the worktop ensures that all equipment is easily accessible. In short: they comply with all NEN and health and safety requirements that apply in security and control rooms. However, we are particularly interested in the welfare of the user and in what the specific work situation needs. This requires customized advice, which is based on our intensive involvement. With a team of our own ergonomists, we translate the needs of your operators into suitable and verified custom solutions. Based on our knowledge and experience, combined with our unique tools, together with you we determine how many (rows of) monitors are required, which size and shape the desk should have, whether a central video wall is needed, which means of communication should be integrated into the worktop, et cetera.

Setting up a control room? We unburden you

Good furniture is not enough. The features and benefits of all different furniture must come together and create the ideal workspace together. Is eye contact between the operators desired or not? Should they be able to look at each other's monitors? Is there a lot or little consultation between them? Is a central video wall in the room required, or a video screen connected to the desk? All this influences the position that the desks and other furniture should have in relation to each other. Our turnkey approach is ideal to solve these issues. By leaving the layout of the entire control room to us, you not only save costs and time, but you are also sure that everything is optimally matched.

Our pragmatic consultancy approach

The design of control rooms or monitoring areas is a specialism in itself. You often encounter specific challenges that you have never faced before, or for which you lack the knowledge. This could be making the right choice for a 24/7 workplace or looking for a solid approach to renovate and furnish a complete incident room or control room. In order to come to an effective design, we offer the possibility to come to a suitable concept with the help of our consultants. For this purpose, we have developed patented design tools that translate the operational workflow and tasks into a functional design in a quick and structured manner. This approach enables us, together with the stakeholders, to design the actual furniture needed and the new layout of the room(s) where people can work effectively, safely and healthily. In addition to the spatial layout, we also look at walking and escape routes, viewing and communication lines, work processes, (biodynamic) lighting, climate control and acoustics. In about 85% of the projects we deliver, clients have opted for our consultancy service.    

The furniture meets the following (Dutch) health and safety, and general standards

  •  Working Conditions Act, Working Conditions Decree, Working Conditions Regulations and Working Conditions Policy Rules
  • NEN-EN 527 1 and 2 - Office furniture - work tables - desks
  • NEN-EN 1335 - Office furniture - office chairs - part 1 dimensions: determination of dimensions
  • NPR-1813 - Guideline for office furniture and its application in the design of administrative areas and offices
  • NEN-EN 1335 series, NEN-EN 527 series and NEN-EN 13761
  • NEN-1824 - Ergonomic requirements for the surface area of (workstations in) administrative areas and offices
  • NEN 3087 - Visual ergonomics: backgrounds, principles and applications
  • NEN-EN-ISO 9241-part 1-17 Ergonomic requirements for office work with display screens (VDTs) - Ergonomics Manual / Human Factors 2013, Kluwer
  • DINED 2004 Dutch adults - NEN-EN-ISO 11064 - Ergonomic design of control centres 
  • EMAS 2, ILO (MVO)
  • NEN-EN 1005-4:2005+A1:2008 reaching distances
  • ISO 21016:2007 and NEN-EN 527-2:2016 (stability, strength and durability)

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