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The possibilities for security and control rooms are developing superfast. We share the latest innovations with you from our unique Experience Center. A high-tech space of almost 1,000 square meters in which you can experience our products and innovations in person. Here you get the best possible impression of what is possible in terms of design, ergonomics and technology and which of these options contribute most to your operational processes.

The Experience Center contains a succession of innovative 24/7 workplaces in combination with the latest generation of audio-visual solutions and software-based controls, a complete user-friendly concepts which as such can be applied directly in practice. All facets of a good control room design are amply represented. You will become acquainted with our own solutions in the field of acoustics, high-tech video walls, computer floors, ergonomic 24/7 furniture, acoustic climate ceilings and (biodynamic) lighting. You can experience these and other products in a way that matches the actual work situation. In real life, but also in virtual reality. The VR animation makes it possible to walk into a virtual, fully furnished, state-of-the-art control room, while you get information about the innovations present.    

In addition to a display of the latest developments, our Experience Center is also a good checklist for the design of your control room. By having your operators settle down in the working environments of the Experience Center, they get a good sense of which techniques and products they need to be able to do their work in a concentrated and ergonomic way. This helps you to clarify all operational wishes and requirements. That is why many of our analysis processes take place in the Experience Center, such as with our Co-Creator ©.    

Also visit our production area

When you visit our Experience Center we give you a look behind the scenes. Get acquainted with the complete production process and you will see there is a lot of craftsmanship behind all technological innovations. Our designers are happy to talk with you about the 3D software, which we use to create detailed 360 ° designs. These designs are loaded directly into our computer-controlled machines which - combined with the craftsmanship of our interior designers - guarantee the high-quality products. In this way we get the best out of people and machines.    

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