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Brand Control Rooms understand the importance of an ergonomic workplace like no other. Especially in security and control rooms, it is necessary for operators to be able to work in a room that puts them fully at the centre and provides them with optimally support in their work. Technically, as well as ergonomically. That is why we employ our own ergonomists and consultants, specialized in all facets of Human Factors Engineering. Their thorough knowledge and expertise, combined with our own developed consultancy tools, guarantee a fully equipped control room that is optimally  matched to your operational process and complies with applicable legislation (ARBO-, NEN-EN- health and safety standards and also the ISO standards).

Our approach for an ergonomic workplace

Attention to ergonomics, it is not just a small part of your project, but something that we take into account throughout the entire project. That is why we prefer to introduce our expertise right from the start, where we believe in a multidisciplinary approach. This means that - if desired - we involve our ergonomists in your project from the first design phase, so that all the working drawings can be tested directly against their ergonomic specifications. Not only for working drawings, but also for the possible mock-ups, proof of concept and final delivery. By incorporating the ergonomics requirements early in the design, our experience is that only a limited number of draft cycles are needed. If desired, we deliver the custom furniture including an assessment report.

Ergonomic advice through own innovative tools

The added value of our direct involvement is best experienced when using the consultancy tools developed by our own consultants, such as the Co-Creator® game and the TUNASS® analysis. These innovative and transparent methodologies help to identify all operational needs and requirements and translate them into the right design choices for workplaces and process control, as well as the layout of the total space. In this way they help to clarify the exact demands, so that a good design can be made for it. We have developed our Quickscan for designs that you have created yourself. A tool with which we can assess your design choices for feasibility and design, at every stage of the project. All these tools enable us to supply better support and realize your project in a shorter lead time. The end result is a fully equipped security or control room that is optimally in line with your operational process.

Desk analysis: workplace survey for control rooms

You can also contact us for a desk analysis. This analysis provides insight into all the important specifications for your control desks, such as the shape and sizes, the number (rows) and type of monitors, the sight lines, the viewing distances, the reach and the necessary (software) equipment. A desk analysis complements these specifications for you, laying the foundation for a concrete design that takes all your preferences into account. By means of desk analysis we guarantee you a future-oriented workplace, which is aligned with the applicable legislation and standards, where operators can work safely and healthily. In addition, the desk analysis guarantees you a fast lead time, from first contact to delivery.

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