TUNASS® stands for Technology User Needs Assessment. The TUNASS® analysis offers project teams fast, structured and clear insight into which operational requirements are important in the design of the desk as well as the layout of the space. It’s a powerful instrument to achieve a design that fully supports all operators in their work, where communication and concentration are not in conflict. This is realised by taking account of, among others, mutual relations, concentration, communication, routes and sightlines.

You get an answer to dilemmas such as the number of required screens and/or camera images per operator, the possibilities (and limitations) of sharing information on a central screen, the required equipment on the desks and the best positioning of desks in the space in such a way that the layout and desks fully support the operational process.

We integrate TUNASS® in all our turnkey projects. This enables us to get a definitive design faster and the end result is a detailed layout, including material and colour choices, presented in 3D.

The TUNASS® can also be carried out as an individual project in the preparations of a tender. In this case, the end result is a functional design and functional program of requirements written for the specifications document.

In both cases, TUNASS® enables the reduction of the lead time of a project and realisation of a good and supported design in one go.