We believe in a multidisciplinary approach. By working in a team of several experts from the start, we try to fully meet the wishes of the customer and the project team. The desired quality in the set deadline and fitting in the budget. The Senior Human Factors Engineer of Brand Control Rooms offers ergonomic expertise from the start of the project. This can be in a specific role at the beginning of a project, such as when using the Control Room Design Game® and the TUNASS®. Our Senior Human Factors Engineer can also be involved in a more testing role to be able to indicate that the tables meet current health and safety requirements.

In case of a more monitoring role, our first working plans already meet all critical ergonomics requirements through the involvement of our ergonomist in the initial design phase. For the benefit of the design and ergonomics test, our ergonomist draws up a list of ergonomics specifications. These specifications are used for the design but also serve as assessment criteria to test several working plans, possible mock-ups and final delivery. By including the ergonomics requirements early in the design, in our experience only a limited number of concept rounds are required. If so desired, we provide a testing report with the furniture.