The Co-Creator

managementtool the co-creatorBrand Control Rooms likes to connect parties. For instance, we believe in partnership to provide high-grade and well-considered products, and connecting parties is a success factor for our project management.

Linking parties is also important in the initial phase of a project. It is crucial that operational and project management understand each other to properly convert operational specifications into design specifications. An important reason why milestones are not archeived is the operational indecisiveness or poor alignment between project organisation and operation. The consultants of Brand Control Rooms have developed a practical and low-threshold tool for this.

By playing The Co-Creator, the project team will better understand the operational outlook. All stakeholders are more aware of the impact of certain design choices in the operational process and the operational team is helped in formulating clear basic assumptions. The game is location and time independent and also provides an insight into the degree of consensus. It helps the project team to completely connect with the operational end customer without endless consultations and concept rounds.