Creative and not easily satisfied, in our aim for perfection we learn from each project and are constantly on the lookout for optimisation. We are pioneers with new, smart solutions for 24-hour spaces.

We recently developed a Brand Control Room Design Game®. We invite your team to a session where project and operational managers think about the main operational objectives that have an impact on the design in a dynamic online environment. This session helps you take critical decisions and links the project team and the end customer/users. The outcome is the foundation for the eventual design.

Another innovation is our Human Centric Lighting concept for control rooms. This innovative concept keeps the operators in 24-hour shifts alert, fit and healthy. It is also an attractive, flexible and properly integrated functional aspect of your control room. You can experience the concept in our information centre. Light, sound and air conditioning are united in an innovative ceiling system.

Together with our suppliers, we develop exclusive Brand Control Rooms products. Visit our unique Experience Centre in Holland for the exclusive Brand ON 24/7 chairs with 3D synchronous swing mechanism. The acoustic partitions with air purification system are a good example of innovation. Here, sound absorption and air filtering are combined in one patented design with the objective of improving the acoustics and air quality in the space.