Brand Controll Rooms

Consultancy approach helps Sabic achieve successful layout design

The consultancy process

In order to achieve a suitable final design for all the rooms at Sabic, our Human Factors specialist and Interaction Designer made use of the exclusive Co-Creator and the TUNASS analysis tools.

 The "Co-Creator" is an online application (a game) which can be played digitally individually and at any desired location. Especially in these times when group formation of people should be avoided, the "Co-Creator" is a very effective solution. One can participate in this game individually and from the office or home. Through various questions, asked by means of animations, one has to answer within a certain time limit. This results in very important and usable information which can later be discussed with those involved in a digital meeting and with which we can carry out the next step, the "TUNASS" analysis (ergonomics study). Here we also look at possible future expansions, the best walking and escape routes, as well as acoustics, lighting and climate control. In this way, we arrive at a new layout of space and consoles where operators can do their work effectively, safely and healthily. An environment that feels pleasant and is optimally attuned to the operational process. Back offices, meeting rooms and kitchen were also part of the consultancy process. With this unique approach, we have successfully completed many projects at home and abroad.  

The furnishing

The definitive design that was determined after the consultancy phase was the basis for the architectural layout of the building and the furnishing of the rooms. For the lighting, a choice was made to provide the control room and some backoffice rooms with our Human Centric Lighting. A lighting solution that positively influences the biorhythm of employees, so that they feel more comfortable, can concentrate better and are therefore more productive. It mimics the cycle of sunlight in the rooms with LED lighting. Because operators work in the control room 24/7, the light must be an optimal support during the night shift to prevent fatigue. Our light designer has designed a custom lighting solution for this, using our own design luminaires with direct and indirect light with the right light output (2700K to 6000K). The other rooms are fitted with pendant and recessed luminaires.

In addition to the designing and producing of all the furniture, we also supply the chairs, acoustic solutions, industrial glass walls with doors, the climate ceiling, ceramic computer floor and decorative maintenance-free planting. Our visual designer took care of the colour and material advice for the complete interior.