Brand Controll Rooms

Prestigious foreign project

We like to roll up our sleeves for professional customisation!

We were commissioned by a petrochemical company from abroad to design a large control room, secondary control rooms and all back office areas. A nice and extensive project with many customised solutions. At the moment, we are working on our furniture designs and preparing them for production.   

The petrochemical company will have, among other things, 15 large consoles where 2 operators will regularly work behind. The design of the electrically adjustable split-level consoles is a derivative of our Focus desk and very suitable for the process control of this industry. The innovative consoles are equipped with a button panel cabinet, storage options for keyboards and an electrically height-adjustable personal video wall that is mounted to the workstation. A high-quality acoustic panel helps to block and absorb sound. This is certainly not a luxury, given the number of operators who will be working together in the large control room. Furthermore, we provided the user-friendly console with all the necessary electrical connections, a collision protection on all electrical adjustment systems and earthing possibilities. A nice detail is the client's logo, which will be specially incorporated into the furniture. Our exclusive Brand ON24h chair will contribute to a good ergonomic working position for the operators.

The more than 100 compact back office workstations have also been given their own design. We have developed a modular furniture system that can be used both stand-alone and switched. The 14 supervisor workstations are in turn a derivative of the back office workstations, where the wish was to have a meeting area at the workstation.