Brand Controll Rooms

Nedmag Minning renewed

The fourth control room design in a row was recently completed

In recent years we have furnished several control rooms for Nedmag. We recently completed the control room at Nedmag Minning in Veendam. Here, magnesium salt is used to enrich processes and products of partners worldwide.  On the basis of a 3D design proposal drawn up by us, the control room and a number of adjoining rooms were transformed into contemporary, attractive rooms. In addition to a colour and material recommendation for the furniture, Nedmag also had the proposal for the walls, window frames, doors and floor finish applied.

The Focus desk II was used as the operator workplace. A spacious curved desk with room for 6 monitors in a row and equipped with 2 ventilated technical cabinets with various electrical connections. In addition to the desk, we also produced and supplied various interior solutions, such as: cabinets, a counter, a kitchen with built-in appliances, as well as various back office and conference furniture.