Brand Controll Rooms

EuroChem benefits from our TUNASS approach

Setting up a control room is a specialism in itself, where many aspects and strict regulations must be taken into account. After all, the control room is the room where very important work processes must be carried out.

Currently, a renovation is underway creating new space for a new control room, back office areas, meeting rooms and a kitchen.

 At the moment, a refurbishment is taking place in which new rooms are being designed. In order to arrive at an effective design for these rooms, our consultant works with design tools developed in-house, which translate the operational workflow and tasks into a functional design and the number of square metres of a room in a quick and structured manner. This approach enables us, together with the stakeholders, to design the actual furniture needed and the new layout of the room(s) where people can work effectively, safely and healthily. In addition to the spatial layout, we also look at walking and escape routes, viewing and communication lines, work processes, (Human Centric) lighting, climate control and acoustics. 

To make a start, it was decided to place the new operator desk, the Focus model II, in the old control room. When the new rooms are ready, this desk will be moved to the new control room.

In about 85% of the projects delivered, clients have opted for our consultancy service. Are you also curious where you can profit from your control room? Then take a look at our further explanation of a consultancy trajectory or contact us for a personal explanation, free of obligation.