Brand Controll Rooms

Customised video wall casing

The creation and manufacture of customised furniture remains the best part of our profession.   

The real interior work always remains the most beautiful work. Our developers and carpenters enjoy working together on the realisation of customised furniture. The conceptualisation, the technical elaboration in 3D drawing software and the assembly remain craftsmanship. For instance, we produce ceiling-high cabinet walls, locker- and shift cabinets, button panel cabinets, key cabinets, but also counters and pantries. For example, we recently produced video wall cabinets with storage space for various projects, such as for Shell and the firm Sitech. The monitors can be mounted on push-to-open brackets. This makes it possible, in the event of a malfunction or installation work, to have only the relevant monitor emerge from the video wall. Cable ducts and electrical connections are already installed in the cabinet.