Brand Controll Rooms

Project in progress: 2nd control room with biodynamic lighting system for Shell

Biodynamic lighting affects people

This year, Shell commissioned us to furnish three control rooms. In order to achieve the same look in the three different rooms, we gave Shell advice on colour and materialisation. For the renovations, the architectural part was assigned to one of Shell's regular contractors; we produce and deliver the (custom) furniture. Besides a pleasant working environment, Shell also provides a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. For this purpose, we supply an innovative biodynamic lighting system that really does something for the users of the rooms, as it influences the human biorhythm, which is, for example, disturbed during shift work.    
Make the right choice

Currently, there are suppliers who claim to sell biodynamic lighting systems. These are usually only active lighting systems that are often expensive to buy and certainly do not have biodynamic control or the correct colour temperature. In the past, Shell also had a bad experience with a purchased lighting system that was sold as a biodynamic system. In addition to a very high purchase price, this system turned out not to function satisfactorily at all. Because they were convinced of the positive influences of a biodynamic lighting system, they were searching and found what they were actually looking for in our Experience Centre. Here, by means of a presentation and a demonstration, we were able to convince Shell how it can and must be done!

Biodynamic lighting, also known as Human Centric Lighting, influences and supports the biorhythm of humans.
  • Improves the sleep-wake rhythm
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases alertness
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases depressive/ depressed feelings
  • Very suitable for shift work!
Good lighting advice, professional guidance and knowledge of biorhythms are of great importance. The right colour temperature, with the right light intensity, at the right time and duration is essential for a good biorhythm.

In collaboration with professional lighting experts, Brand Control rooms has developed a thorough lighting system that fully meets the high demands placed on biodynamic lighting. We create a custom-made lighting design by carrying out a consultancy project at the customer's premises in advance. The project is carried out by a highly experienced and qualified light designer. On the basis of the information obtained and adjusted to the number of shifts and the work processes, we offer a well-founded lighting design. Because the biodynamic lighting system influences the human biorhythm in such a way, we always provide advice from a medical point of view. If a system is not properly adjusted, it can have a negative influence on the biorhythm, causing headaches, migraines, dizziness, loss of concentration and a bad sleep rhythm. That is why good advice is so important!  

Currently, we have already completed one control room and are in the process of finalising the second project for Shell Pernis. We will start with the 3rd room in the 3rd quarter.