Brand Controll Rooms

24/7 workplaces and interior design customized produced with innovative 3D drawing software

A thoroughly tested design is the essential basis for a good flow in the production process, resulting in a responsible product. Especially when it comes to the engineering of complex products such as 24/7 furniture, which excel in design, functionality and ergonomics. That's why we put a lot of energy into the design phase and are committed to making use of the latest innovations and techniques. For example, we have completed the integration of a highly innovative 3D drawing software, which accelerates the turnaround time and minimises the risk of failure costs and waste.

The guarantee for faultless and functional designs

The drawing software is one of our newest investments and gives us a unique position in the market. The software enables us to draw our furniture and other products very accurately to virtual 360° 3D models. These models are not only a more accurate representation of the end result, but also a source of information that provides insight into the technical feasibility and safety of the design. Any moving parts - such as height-adjustable worktops - can already be simulated in the design, tested for possible complications and tested against NEN standards. This guarantees that work is carried out on the basis of a faultless design, which minimises the risk of failure costs.

Computer-controlled production

By connecting the innovative software to our quotation and order package, saw lists can be implemented and optimised. Since the software works on the basis of a CAD/CAM system, the created drawing designs can be loaded directly into our computer-controlled saws and CNC machines. This means that all parts of the design are produced very precisely, at a faster turnaround time and without waste. The required purchase and reservation lists are also generated using this software. 

Once produced, all parts are assembled by our skilled interior builders. Here, too, we save time because all parts fit together flawlessly. This way we get the best out of people and machines. Are you also interested in our customised solutions for your control room? Please do not hesitate to contact us.